the cause

When you complete the Five Gallon Challenge, your donations support Water for Good. We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the water crisis for one country, the Central African Republic…and we’re making progress! We’re currently providing clean water for 500,000 people, roughly 10% of the population! We’re going to solve this problem FOR GOOD!


What Makes Us Different?

Drilling new water wells is just the beginning! We stay engaged with communities in Central Africa over the long-term, providing training and regular well maintenance visits to keep the water flowing—for good.

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The Real Water Crisis

How Can $5 Provide a Year of Water?

Let us explain. Water for Good provides clean water through three main mechanisms.

  1. We drill new wells.
  2. We rehabillitate broken and forgotten wells.
  3. We provide regular service visits for wells.

To determine our cost of water per person, we have to make several assumptions. First we assume that the average new well will last for ten years and a rehabilitated one will last for five. We also assume that each well serves on average 500 people (this varies quite a bit, but it’s a good average of the 900+ wells currently in our program).

Averaging out all our expenses (including administrative and fundraising) across our three implementation mechanisms, (considering the length of time the project is expected to last) gives us just under $5 for a year of water per person in the Central African Republic.

Your $5 is not only providing clean, healthy water, but it’s saving hundreds of hours that would have been spent hauling heavy loads of water from the old water source back to the village!