• Pokemonia

    Earning this badge is easy! Grab your jug, your phone, and launch your Pokemon Go app and go for a walk. Find any water creature and grab a screenshot of the creature sitting on your jug. Submit your badge request and ta-da! Badge earned. Boo-yah.

  • Crossfit

    Think you’ve got what it takes to earn the CrossFit badge? With the jug, run 400m, 36KB swings, 400m run, 30KB swings, 400m run, 24KB swings 400m run. Yeah, it’s not for everyone, but a few will take on this challenge.

  • The Wedding Crasher

    The jug must appear in a photo with the bride and groom at a wedding to earn this badge. Tip: avoid trying to get this one during the vows, that usually ends badly.

  • Mall Walker

    Parade your jug through the mall for a mile to earn this badge. We hear it’s tricky to fill up the jug in a public restroom sink, so you might want to fill it up before you leave home for this one!

  • Smuggle Me Softly

    Smuggle the jug across 5 U.S. states. Carry the jug in each state. Make sure to snap some photos as evidence that your jug has earned the badge. Remember, the jug earns the badges, not you. So the easy way to do this one is to just send the jug to friends you have in U.S. states, and challenge them to carry it!

  • The Love Jug

    Carry the jug with that special someone. Perfect first date. You might touch hands while holding the jug… just sayin’.

  • Bicycle Bandit

    Ride five miles with the jug on your bike (yes, we realize that’s more than 1 mile, but come on, you’re on a bike!) and you’ll have to be creative with how to attach it!

  • Beach Bum

    Take your jug for a mile stroll along a beach to earn this badge. No beach nearby? Hmmm… maybe you should consider moving.

  • Back 2 Back Badge


    To earn this badge the jug must complete 7 carries in one week.

  • High Roller Badge

    High Roller

    This badge is only for jugs that have earned over $1,000 in donations.

  • Oil Drum

    Oil Drum

    Dang that’s a lot! More than 55 gallons carried.

  • Marathon

    When a jug has reached 26 miles (26 people carrying it for 1 mile each) it’ll have earned the right to display this sweet badge!

  • The Ol’ Geezer

    If you’re over 70, and carry the jug (with any amount of water), you’ll earn this badge for your jug.

  • Night Owl

    Carry the jug after dark to earn this badge!

  • Frequent Flyer

    Take your jug on a tour of at least 3 states to earn this sweet badge for your jug!

  • Ice Axe

    Have some mountains around you? We’ll give your jug this badge if you carry it to a peak over 10,000ft.