Get your BOX involved!

Interested in using the Five Gallon Challenge with your CrossFit Box? We’ve got you covered! Follow the steps below for an easy-to-follow plan. If you’ve got a different way you’d like to run it, don’t worry! The Five Gallon Challenge can be adapted to fit your needs!

Step 1: Get your supplies

Order your jugs here at $25 per jug or contact a CrossFit box that has hosted the WOD and see where their jugs are. Track them down and pay to have them shipped to you.

Step 2: Organize your event

Hand out sponsorship forms to all participants a few weeks ahead of the event. Make sure to fill in the jug name for the jug that each person will be carrying (multiple people can fundraise for the same jug, and do the WOD with the same jug). You can download the sponsorship form here. Participants use the sponsorship forms to find friends/family/co-workers willing to sponsor their WOD.

Step 3: Do the WOD

• Run 400 meters with the jug

• 36 KB swings

• Run 400 meters with the jug

• 30 KB swings

• Run 400 meters with the jug

• 24 KB swings

• Run 400 meters with the jug

* If you break up any set (i.e. drop the KB) you owe a 200 M penalty run with the jug before continuing.

Step 4: Report your results and donate on the site

Each participant needs to enter the number of gallons carried and miles walked for the jug they carried. It’s easy! Just come to this site, click on “Find a jug”, type in the name of the jug you carried, and click the “Report” button to enter in your results. You can use the “Donate” button on your jug page to make any donations from people who sponsored you (they can donate directly, or you can collect the money then make one donation at the end). Every $5 donated provides a year of clean water for a person in Central Africa!


1. Promote the challenge in your community in advance. Try to start at least 2 weeks before you do the 5 Gallon Challenge WOD.

2. Involve your community by hosting a mile track for anyone to show up and carry a jug, and challenge their friends to the 5 Gallon Challenge as well!

3. Share your experience through social media! Along with the jug name hash tags on instagram (which pulls the photos you take onto the jug’s profile page), try to use the following tags:





What to do after the WOD

Wondering what to do with all those jugs after you’ve finished? You’ve got a few options:

1. Individuals can take a jug, and challenge friends in their community, starting a chain of challenges with that jug.

2. You could contact a nearby box and challenge them to do the WOD, ship or deliver the jugs to that box. If that box needs more, they can order more using the “request a jug” option at the top of this page.

3. If you’d rather not do any of these options, you can send the jugs back to Water for Good, where we’ll put them back in circulation! Contact us at

Top Boxes



$ raised

CrossFit Haymaker IN $3,118
Cary CrossFit NC $196
Greater Lansing CrossFit MI $1,522

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