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First Step: Get a Jug

How do you get a jug? If you saw your friend carrying it, the easiest (and best!) way is to ask them to pass the jug on to you. But you can also just order a new jug from us. It’s definitely more fun to keep a jug going as long as possible so get a jug from a friend if you can! Once you have your jug, find it on this site, and click “Accept the challenge.”

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1: Carry your jug

Experience for yourself what life is like in the Central African Republic. The average Central African walks about a mile to fetch water each day, and usually carries a 5 gallon bucket or jug. So take your jug, and pick a route that’s roughly a mile. Fill your jug (don’t hurt yourself, you might want to start with just a gallon or two) and then take your walk! You can earn badges for your jug (check them out here), and by all means, do the challenge with some friends! Make an event out of it!

2: Register your walk

When you’re finished with your walk, make sure to come back and report your walk. Find your jug then click the “Register” button to update the jug stats. If you’ve earned any badges, use the “Claim a Badge” button to submit a badge request for your jug!

3: Challenge a friend

Now that you’ve experienced the walk, pick a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor, and tell them “I challenge you to experience the long walk for water that people in Central Africa face every day. For every gallon you carry on a one-mile walk, I’ll donate $5, which provides a year of clean water and ends the walk for a person in Central Africa.”

Don’t forget to come back and make the donation on your jug page, and check in on your jug from time to time. You’ll be amazed to see the progress it’s made and the lives it’s changed!

Gravitate 5 Gallon Challenge - On the Track

...and maybe host an event!

If you’d like to take it to the next level, consider hosting a Five Gallon Challenge event!  Perfect for a school, church, club, or your office, a Five Gallon Challenge Event is a neat way to experience the global water crisis, and DO something about it. We’ll help you come up with ideas and materials for your event, and make sure you have enough jugs! We’ll even set you up with your own event page to make it easy to share on social media!

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