February 2, 2016
by Jay Hocking

We just received a pretty cool story from a family who carried their Five Gallon Challenge jug last fall. Joel and Lily involved their family in the Five Gallon Challenge through a Thanksgiving tradition.


Every Thanksgiving morning, Joel and Lily take a hike with members of their family.

“It’s always so nice to work up an appetite because I know that Grandma’s mashed potatoes are waiting for me!”

This holiday, they remembered their jug and decided to take it with them. They filled it about halfway, unsure which family members might want to carry it, and not wanting to overwhelm anyone. They were surprised when 18 members of their family showed up to hike! The family made it a great game – one person would carry the jug for awhile and then leave it in the middle of the path for another family member to pick up.


“Everyone had their own style of carrying it – on shoulders, or heads, it even ended up in the stroller for a little while!”



Joel and Lily also had a great opportunity to share awareness of the struggle for clean water in the Central African Republic when a stranger stopped them to ask about the jug. While they poignantly stood on a bridge over a stream of clean water, Joel and Lily explained that many people in the Central African Republic must walk miles to get water every day, and that the water isn’t even clean in most cases.

“God opens up opportunities every day, we are so thankful for His watch and care over His global family!”



All proceeds from the Five Gallon Challenge go to provide clean water in Central Africa through well-drilling and water pump maintenance projects implemented by Water for Good. By focusing on projects that are sustainable for the long-haul, Water for Good is able to provide a year of water for a person in Africa for $5. Find out how that’s possible.